Military, Camping & Rural Uses

Vitastem™ is unique in that it can be applied directly in an uncleaned open wound.

Wounds do not have to be cleaned with soap and/or water prior to application.

This is a very useful characteristic for military personnel injured in the field and rural 3rd world applications. This feature is also great for those camping in the wilderness with minimal water availability.

Vitastem™ does not require the debridement of dead, damaged, or infected tissue.

Dead, damaged, or infected tissue does not have to be cut away for Vitastem™ to be effective.

Vitastem’s delivery system penetrates through dead or decaying tissue, often rejuvenating the surrounding tissue.

Vitastem™ will combat poison from plant life such as Poison Ivy & Poison Oak due in part to its built-in anti-inflammatory.

Vitastem™ will maintain its effectiveness in extreme weather (35° F to 120° F).