Vitastem Ultra 55ML Spray

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Vitastem Ultra is a Powerful Super-Healing Topical Antibiotic for Treating Infections, Wounds, Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Bed & Pressure Sores, Burns, Skin Rash, Acne and many other skin conditions.
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Vitastem Ultra 55ML Spray

Vitastem Ultra 55ML Spray

Regular price 149.95
Sale price 149.95 Regular price
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10X More Effective Then Other Antibiotics

Safe to Use For Any Age Group

Repairs & Rejuvenates Damaged Skin Cells

2-Year Shelf Life For Long-lasting Use

Topical Antibiotic For OTC Use

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Doctor Testimonials

“We just saw a patient today that has been using Vitastem for a month now, on a chronic venous leg ulcer. He has been consistently using Vitastem every day, [only] once a day. He has had great results, and his ulcer has decreased in size drastically.”

Alexandria Zandi, DPM

“I used Vitastem on a few patients with injuries or post op complications of the surgical wounds and in all of them I had improvement on the healing process and control of the infectious process. This is really a very good product to use in my daily practice.”

Francisco Arroyo, MD 

“We have a patient that is allergic to Mupirocin, Neosporin BAC, and Poly. She was able to use Vitastem with great results.” 

Michael Mancuso, MD 

“My experience with Vitastem, as well as that of my patients, has been especially good.  Ease of application and positive results make the patients especially happy.”

Gary Cramer, DPM 

“I’ve used Vitastem on a necrotic infected anterior leg ulcer. It really seemed to decrease bacterial burden and in addition to periodic wound debridement and dressing changes I feel Vitastem significantly improved the appearance and health of the wound. The patient felt like
it was easy to use and tolerated it well.”

Craig Cortese, DPM 

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