Vitastem™ was originally designed over 10 years ago to heal diabetic ulcers and wounds in which it boasts 96% of patients seeing improvement within just 2 weeks, dwarfing the largest competitor at 50% of patients seeing improvements at 20 weeks. Vitastem has saved countless patients from amputations thus reducing their hospital stays and increasing their life expectancy.

Vitastem ULTRA™ is the latest formulation that is virtually clear and has the same great results. Great if discoloration of skin, clothes or linens are a concern.

Since Vitastem™ is a topical antibiotic, it does not have the same ill-effects on the internal organs of the body as oral antibiotics. For example, unlike oral antibiotics, Vitastem will not harm the kidneys or the good bacteria in the stomach.

Vitastem™ is made in the United States of America.

Chemical Synergy: The use of the patent-pending permeation enhancers produces a synergistic effect which strongly improves the transdermal penetration enhancement obtained by VTC.

Vitastem™ & Vitastem ULTRA™, are FDA registered, broad spectrum topical antibiotics.

It is the only antibiotic in the world that kills bacteria with both a physical and a chemical mechanism.

All other known antibiotics primarily use only a chemical mechanism of kill. The physical mechanism of kill is a key feature of what we call Advanced Biological Coverage (ABC).

One result of ABC is that the antibiotic is carried in higher concentrations, more quickly, to and through the cell walls, where the antibiotic can become more effective than if conventional antibiotics were used. Conventional antibiotics require more time (usually prescribed for 5 to 7 days for best results), whereas our products usually produce desirable results in 24 hours because of the ABC effect.

A second important result of ABC is that the Tetracycline-ABC (Vitastem) & Bacitracin-ABC (Vitastem Ultra) topical antibiotic kills all harmful Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria that have been available for testing.

Vitastem™ is arguably the world’s strongest broad-spectrum topical antibiotic available.

ViaDerma’s Patent-Pending
Transdermal Technology

Allows the transfer of chemicals through the stratum corneum (outer layer of skin) with a diffusion constant which is 10,000 times higher than the diffusion constant which characterizes water movement through the stratum corneum. In laymen’s terms, it penetrates the skin 10K times better than water.

The novel approach uses an antibiotic formulation designed to enhance physical transport and physical cell penetration that speeds the active ingredient deep into the cell structure of a wound where the chemical mechanism of action can be more effective.

Kills with both a physical and chemical mechanism, giving it a unique ability to overcome drug resistant bacteria.

  • Vitastem’s new physical approach is much like a rifle which delivers a bullet deeper and faster than the same caliber bullet shot from a pistol.

  • This allows Vitastem to kill all known bacteria it has ever been tested against, including MRSA (flesh eating bacteria) and Staph Infection.

  • Drug developers believe it takes much longer for bacteria to develop drug resistance to a physical kill mechanism. This is because it is relatively easy for bacteria to change their response to a chemical threat, but it takes numerous generations for bacteria to grow anew kind of cell wall structure to respond to a physical threat.

  • Kills all gram-positive and gram-negative forms of bacteria.

  • Enhances the healing and tissue regenerative properties of our formulation to perform unlike any other medication in the world.

ViaDerma Transdermal Carrier Technology Mechanism of Action:

  • Vitastem’s utilization of the ViaDerma Transdermal Carrier or penetration system (VTC), uses chemicals that are FDA approved inactive ingredients. When mixed at specific concentrations, with specific temperatures and specific time frames, the cocktail of chemicals act synergistically to form an enhanced transdermal carrier system. Our patent pending transdermal formulation carries the active ingredient, deep into the tissue and then across cell walls.

  • VTC uses patent-pending chemistry consisting of a mixture of permeation enhancers which make up the transdermal carrier. VTC increases the mass transfer of the antibiotic across cell membranes. VTC can penetrate any cell wall; thus, it can get where most can’t. In addition to carrying additives at high concentrations across cell membranes, VTC also contains Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3), and Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) which are essential for wound healing and overall optimal skin health.
  • We measured the diffusion of VTC across the stratum corneum in human skin found the diffusion constant to be D = 1.66 x 10-5 cm2/sec. VTC diffuses through the stratum corneum 10,000 times faster than water diffuses through the same thickness of stratum corneum.

  • VTC improves blood flow. It increases tissue perfusion and may effectively treat or prevent ischemia in wounds. Ischemia (inadequate blood flow) is a major problem preventing the healing of diabetic wounds. When blood flow can be increased, the healing is much improved. The use of VTC is believed to be much better than surgical treatments such as vascular intervention by a specialized atherectomy catheter.

  • Chemical Synergy: The use of the patent-pending permeation enhancers produces a synergistic effect which strongly improves the transdermal penetration enhancement obtained by VTC.